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15 Seo Tips that you can use right now on your website

1. Expand the Title of the page. Recently, Google has expanded the displayed part of the Title in its search results, so this trick is now very relevant. Let's take a look at it. The Title tag greatly affects the position in the search results, so it is worth using it very rationally. The search results now display 70-71 characters of the Title tag, and the first 13 words are taken into account. In this regard, its length should be used as much as possible. How to do it? It's very simple! You need to find a page where Title is used irrationally, go to the Serpstat online service, and look at which search queries it is ranked for. You can filter out those that are as close as possible to the top 10. For example, set up a filter by position from 11 to 20.

2. Optimization of h1-h3 tags. These are important tags for both users and search engines. For example, the h1 tag is the second most important for a search engine. Since Google and other search robots pay so much attention to them, it is advisable to include your search queries in them. If you have a page that is already optimized for search queries, it has text, but you have not used the h1-h3 tags, it is recommended that you do so. The process is the same as with the Title tag. You need to find the page you need, go to Serpstat, look for search queries that rank below the top 10, and include them in the subheadings on the page:

3. Write Alt and Title to the pictures. This allows you to rank better both by images and in regular search. Add images to your landing pages and add Alt and Title tags for them, including the necessary search queries.

4. How to make sure that all your website pages will sell, and not just one. Get the advantage of selling x10 more.

5. How to quickly, cheaply, easily, and regularly add/write new articles and fresh content to your website.

6. We'll share with you the easiest, fastest, and free practical method to help your site reach the top 10 results.

7. How to find those underperforming pages on your website, and turn them into more top-selling ones.

8. How to make your website fly to the sky, by getting rid of everything useless.

9. How to make the world's most powerful websites work for your website, for free and forever. 

10. How to get new links to your website for free with only one practical step.

11. How to sell more products to more clients through your website.

12. How to significantly increase the range of goods and services sold from your website by this simple action.

13. How to make show that people will click on your site and not the competitors (emoji).

14. An inexpensive or even free option that can significantly increase the geography of your business.

15. What to remove from a website to greatly increase the trust of search engines and improve the positions of the website.

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Previously unknown SEO secrets

SEO Secret # 1. Use trigger words in the Title tag

Everyone has probably heard that a headline should be catchy. We analyzed about 8000 pages that are in the top search results and figured out what exactly these words are that help the pages to rank well. Therefore, if you want to achieve better results, use the following trigger words in the Title tag to get more traffic and increase the CTR - Click Through Rate (as a result). We've also seen that a 3% increase in CTR increases your search engine results by 1 position.








And by the way, adding a year to the Title meta tag will further increase the click-through rate, since people are always interested in the latest news.

Which title would you prefer:

Where is the best place to invest money? - Exchange News


Where is the best place to invest money in 2020? - Exchange News

Here is a few more words that can be applied:


Step by step






SEO Secret # 3. Use sub-directories instead of subdomains

If, for, For example, you have a blog that is located on a subdomain, redirect it to a subcategory of the main domain. By changing the address blog. * Name * .com to * name * .com / blog, you can get more than 10% increase in organic traffic.

 P.S Do not forget to change all internal links to the new address and make a 301 redirect from old addresses to new ones.

SEO Secret # 4. Only this practical method alone will make it easier to beat the competition with other websites.

SEO Secret # 5. Use the power of content to drive clicks and new leads to your website. Practical advice.

SEO Secret # 6. A smart way to attract millions of visitors. An easy and practical method.

SEO Secret # 7. Eliminate the most common mistakes website owners do, that prevent your site from growing

SEO Secret # 8. How to hide from your competitors the tricks & tips you've learned and applied and prevent them from using these tricks & tips.

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Nine Non-Obvious and Practical SEO Tricks

1. How to bring listing pages to the top, if you've tried everything and it didn't worked?

When you promote your website, it happens that landing pages and listing pages are not included in the top. In this case, replace these landing pages with other pages - with "blog" articles, but keep the URL the same.

2. How to save money on a copywriter?

Website owners have a problem with creating unique texts for their website. Therefore, it is worth using services that generate spin templates. Essentially, they replace every word in an already existing text with its synonym. Use TheBestSpinner service, a synonymized article even goes to the top more often than the original one.

3. How to improve the rankings for non-branded queries?

5. How to raise a site to top 10 in a competitive niche?

6. How to promote an informational website?

7. How to be shown twice in Bing search engine results?

8. How to protect yourself from Search Engine Penalties?

9. How to get URL domains with history and not spend a million?

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Web site improvements and profitable advices

Web site improvements and profitable advices